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Multimedia System - MMS

Turn your PC into a multimedia system. Play DVD, VCD, SVCD, DivX/Xvid, view pictures and lisen to music or internet radio stations.    

Wireless / Router Appliances

Linux-based network appliances. Smallest customisable distribution from 8 Mb to 64 Mb for Router/server appliances.      

LAMP system

The open source web platform consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP to run dynamic Web sites or servers.    


Build browser-based information appliances for kiosk often seen in Internet cafes, libraries, educational institutions, visitor information.    

MythTV - PVR

Install MythTV and Turning your system into a Personal Video Recorder. Small distribution size ~ 128Mb. Supports Hauppauge IR Remotes    

PCEngines ALIX Build

Customized with driver preinstalled to work on AMD GEode LX and GEode GX based mini computer.    

Your own Linux distribution

Create a custom linux distribution, customized for your hardware and with the applications that you need. This is mainly for OEMs/Other projects that want to create their own distribution for their customers, compile, install software or add new packages on a iMedia Linux installation.    



You can build other appliances that suits your needs, full featured desktops or better tweak your system with the full version of iMedia Linux. Create your own appliances such as ATMs and Kiosks application, vending machines, industrial computers, Point of Sale, entertainment system , Internet appliances and dozens of other applications. 

NEW! iMedia Embedded Linux Version 6.0
Small Embedded Linux distribution aimed to low power x86 systems and other general purpose Computing.  Watch installation movie
 Try it for free VMWare image
FREE! Get iMedia Embedded Linux 6.0

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